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What's up!! My name is Rob Kellett, I'm a professional inline skater from sunny Brisbane, Australia and I'm the proud owner & creator of Stay Rolling Co.


Stay Rolling Co. was created in 2019, with the idea to bring high quality, stylish and fun products to the inline/roller skate community.

I believe that life truly is better on wheels. Whether you're riding inline skates or roller skates; the incredible feeling of having wheels under your feet is something we all know and love... It's like pure freedom; and it sure is addictive. #lifesbetteronwheels

One love...

Life's better on wheels

I want to help support a positive community of inline skaters & roller skaters around the world and bring these communities together. My goal is to not only create products that are fun, stylish and functional in performance; but also to give back to the community by supporting events and riders around the globe. I dream that Stay Rolling Co. will be a brand that people are proud to wear and represent! Made by skaters, for skaters.


I set out to create something that not only looks good, but is also functional in performance. After months of samples, vigorous testing with myself and a small group of friends, we finally found the perfect skate sock; and a product that I am proud to bring to the community... our bamboo framesocks .

Our FrameSocks ⓒ are made from 100% Bamboo Fibre - They're soft, comfy and extremely durable.

Why Bamboo? Bamboo is an incredibly versatile material and is extremely comfy. Bamboo is highly sweat absorbent - it pulls moisture from the skin for evaporation (moisture wicking) which helps to keep your feet dry. Bamboo is also antibacterial, meaning your skates will stay fresher for longer!


We have big plans for the future, and A whole lot more than socks to come...

so lace up those boots and join the session!

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